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I'm All Packed!

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I'm all packed and ready to go. I can't wait to start exploring South East Asia!

Christmas to New years I will be in and around Bangkok with Kevin
The first week of January I will go on a solo adventure to Cambodia
January 13 the Education Abroad Program (EAP) starts at Thammasat University

At Thammasat I will be in the Thai Studies program and I will be living at Amarin Mansion (its more of an apartment complex) with other international students in a studio apartment. I will post an update when I know more about my program.

I am hoping to post to this blog regularly, but you can also contact me by email, facebook, skype (julia.aughenbaugh), Viber, WhatsApp, or WeChat.

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Week 1

Exploring Bangkok with Kevin

Bangkok is already starting to feel like a new home. I am getting oriented to the city. Kevin and I took taxis and the sky train mostly but I still need to figure out the bus system. I have found a few favorite food places, I don't have a kitchen I am sure I will frequent them often. The street food is about a dollar a plate but the portions are much smaller, no left-overs, the restaurants are cheap too. Amarin Mansion has been almost empty, but we met a few of the students that were here for fall semester, they had great advice. When I get back from Cambodia next weekend there should be many new students moving in.

My room
I have a balcony and my own bathroom behind the wardrobe.

Grand Palace
We borrowed modest clothes to wear inside.
Monk taking a selfie

Wat Pho and the reclining buddha

Christmas Dinner in downtown Bangkok
We walked around to see the lights, all the malls and hotels were decorated for Christmas even though it isn't an official holiday here.

Beach on an island off of Pattaya

Free concert in Pattaya
Lots of tweens there to see a Thai heavy metal artist.

New Years Eve on Khao San rd, the backpacker street
It was crazy crowded but we escaped to the roof of a hotel and went back the next day to use the pool.

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Cambodia was so much fun to explore. My hostel in phnom penh wasn't the best for meeting people so I explored by myself, but in Siem Reap everyone at the hostel was very social and I got to meet many travelers. The highlight of the trip was definitely the temples of Angkor Wat. I did a bus tour to the most popular temples which was nice because it included a tour guide to tell us the history of the temples, but I also went back to the smaller temples by myself with a tuk-tuk.
Now I am back in Bangkok. More students have arrived, we have orientation this Wednesday/Thursday and classes start next Monday.

Wat Phnom in Phnom Penh Cambodia and the cute stray dogs there
IMG_0743.jpg IMG_0757.jpg

Killing field from the Cambodian Genocide in the late 1970s
A fourth of the people in the country were either killed or died of starvation and the vast majority of people were relocated under the Khemer Rouge communist party.
The children's grave
The dips in the ground under the bridge are mass graves
The memorial for the victims

Siem Reap and Angkor Wat
The pool at my hostel
My tuk-tuk ride to the smaller temples

Angkor Wat
My tour group took a picture at what was believed to be the center of the universe
This monkey stole a person's water bottle
Obligatory kissing-statue picture

So many awesome old trees

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Ayutthaya & Lopburi

A short weekend away

This weekend I went to Ayutthaya and Lopburi with my new friend Olivia. Ayutthaya is just 2 hours north of here by train and Lopburi is one hour further, the total trip by train cost less than a dollar. Ayutthaya was once the capital city and has many temple ruins. We stayed at a very cute hostel and took a boat tour with some of the other travelers to a few temples at sunset. The next day we went to Lopburi to see the monkeys.


"Hello there, can I take a picture with you?"

"OMG I have a monkey on me!"

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Classes at Thammasat Univeristy

A little about my studies

I am taking four classes and an internship for credit this semester. It is really strange transitioning to the semester system, I don't have any projects or tests til week 8! I think the classes should be easier in general than classes at UCSB. All of them have a midterm, final, paper, and presentation, only one of them has weekly homework. Also A's start at 80%!

Tuesday through Thursday I'll walk to class, it takes about 25 minutes, but there is plenty to look at and loads of market stalls are set up on the sidewalk if I want to buy some fruit or anything else on the way to class. I have been getting lunch on campus most days. The cafeteria has some of the cheapest food in Bangkok and it is very easy to order because they have pictures and Thai students are always willing to help me communicate what I want.

My Schedule:
Tuesday 9-12 Thailand in the International Arena (Its a mix of history and economics)
Tuesday 1-4 Thai Cuisine (we learn about food and we will get to cook a few times this semester)
Wednesday 1-4 Thai Media and Society (Great class because the instructor is a total comedian and tells lots of stories)
Thursday 1-4 Thai Policy (My favorite class because the instructor is very engaging and seems really smart)

The class culture is very different. Class always starts 10-15 minutes late and we get a 20-30 minute break which really helps make the three hour classes bearable. The majority of the students in my classes are international students but there also a few Thai students in them. In Thai Cuisine about half of the students are Thai, and they talk the whole class. They don't even try to be quiet and will even pick up phone calls. This is so strange, most of us have spent a whole class on facebook at one point or another, but not a whole three hour class just chatting with friends. Another difference is that classes can be rescheduled for weekends without much notice. It hasn't happened to me but some of my friends have had to cancel their travel plans because an important class was rescheduled for a weekend.

I went to a Thammasat rugby game this weekend. It was awesome! The game was easy enough to understand, the Thai students got really into it, and the cheerleaders were entertaining too.

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